Date Night

We finally got a babysitter and went to Les Mis tonight.

When it comes to movies and movie snacks I’m a big supporter of sneaking in. Not sneaking your person into the movie, I mean sneaking your food of choice in along with your ticket holding self.

We got a late start to our evening so tonight it was sneak in dinner or hope our growling stomachs would be camouflaged by the accompaniment. We opted to sneak and stopped at Freddy’s on the way to the theater. Walking in from the car I enjoyed the irony of my vegan purse stuffed to capacity with steak burgers. Do you suppose the vegan accessory industry appreciates my business even if I’m buying for style rather than principle?

Of all the disturbing things contained in the film (Russel Crowe included) I think the absolute worst part was the poo. The sewer scene lead to my involuntary gag reflex engaging. More than once.

All in all though, I enjoyed it.

Happy Weekend!


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