What’s in a name?

When we got Moo, she was just 2 days old. All she came with was the hospital issue t-shirt on her back, one of those cheap crappy diaper bags courtesy of enfamil of similac or whatever formula company pushes it’s products through that particular hospital, 2 bottles the nurses packed for her, and the tiniest afgan in the world.  She uses that for her baydoll now. It looks to me like somebody made a whole big bunch of them as a service project and delivered them to the hospital, whether they give them to all the babies or just to those in need, I don’t know.

I was so glad, when I met her that she had at least one thing that somebody put a little love into in preparation for her birth.

She had one other thing as well.  She had her name.

It wasn’t a name I would ever have chosen.  It was so far off my radar there’s no way I would ever have considered it.  I didn’t have a problem with it though, and it suited her so we decided that of all the things she came with that would be the one she’d keep if she stayed with us.

Honestly, if her name had been awful.  Something I could never imagine using even on a short term basis, I still don’t think I would have been emotionally prepared to give her a different one.  What if I gave her a name I loved and then she didn’t stay?  Losing the name would have compounded losing the baby.

Time went on, we nicknamed her, we went away, she came back, and then we had another baby.

During the process of naming Duke (it took almost a week) I came to mourn the lost privilege of naming Moo.  I asked myself what would have chosen if I’d known she was mine but I didn’t know.  I honestly don’t even remember what girl names I was into at the time.

I thought about it for a whole year plus a few months.  I still don’t know what her name would be if I’d had the chance to name her in the first place but recently I’ve decided what I’d call her if I were naming her now.

Changing her name in real life would be a bad idea, but I can change her blog name whenever I want. I’ve already changed it once, from “the new one” to “Moo,”  well, Moo’s not cutting it for me anymore.  I need another syllable to play with.

If I were naming Moo today, I would call her “Roxanne.” I would call her that because it’s fantastic, it matches her feistyness and moxie and because it’s killer with her real life middle name.

So there you go. Next time Moo comes up you can expect me to call her Roxie, or Roxie-Moo or something to that effect.

Thank you and goodnight.


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