Heart Break

Friends I am heart broken.  Heart baroque-en.

It’s Duke.  He’s growing up.  This afternoon he was at least two months older than he was this morning.

I’m going to tell you what happened but first I need to get a few details out of the way.

You know the sound it makes when you flop your tongue in and out of your mouth and across your top lip?  Sort of a “liduh-liduh,” sound.  Do you know what I mean?  No really do you? because I don’t know how else to explain it. ok.

Now think of standard baby talk for “banana.” Thank you.

Duke never said “banana” like an average baby.  But man, he loves those guys.  Every morning he eats his breakfast, goes about his business and then by nine o’clock he’s back in the kitchen asking for a banana.  Later on he has lunch which leads to his afternoon nap.  Once that’s over what do you suppose he wants? That’s right, a banana. Here is how he makes his wishes known.

He starts by asking.  He flops his tongue out, in and out again. “ah-liduh-liduh?” he asks, “Mother may I have a bananna please?” then he wriggles out of my arms and runs to the kitchen where he presses his face into the corner of the cabinet beneath the counter where the bananas rest.  “ah-liduh-liuh?” he asks again.

This morning’s banana went off without a hitch.  The tongue waggling, the corner standing, it was all there just like it has been for months now. But then, after his nap we were standing in the kitchen.  He looked at me and said “nana?” to which I replied “Wha!?!?” so he said it again; “nana?” I said “you mean you want an ah-liduh-liduh?” flopping my tongue in and out of my mouth.  He smiled and said “nana!”

It get’s worse.

I gave him the banana.  He ate the first half and then…and then he finished peeling it, handed me the the empty skin and ate the rest.  He’s never been able to peel the second half before. Today all of a sudden, he did it.


What does he think he’s playing at? Saying “nana” and then peeling the stupid thing himself all on the same day?

I never captured footage of him asking for an ah-liduh-liduh and now it’s too late.

The good news is, he uses the tongue flop method for saying the word “color”  as well.  If I’m lucky maybe I can get him to say on camera before he gives it up as well.

Babies are not fair.

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