Old or new?

I remember my mother explaining to me one year that New Year’s Eve Isn’t actually a holiday.  The holiday is New Year’s day.  I don’t remember why it came up.  School was never in session on December 31 but that particular year something was happening on New Year’s Eve that I thought unsuitable for a holiday which lead to the discussion about New Year’s eve’s Non-Holiday status.  I was absolutely incredulous about it.

I was remembering that conversation today and said to myself “It makes sense I would feel that way since It’s a bigger deal to say adieu to the old year than to greet the new.” and then I thought “wait a minute, do I really think that?” I’ve been trying to decide ever since.

A whole new fresh year ahead of you, that’s a big deal. Like Anne Shirley says “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?” Only on January first it’s a whole years worth of new days. Then again, the old year is over.  You’ve fought or coasted or sung or trudged your way through the whole thing, and now it’s gone.  For better or worse it’ll never come back.

So which one is more important?  Probably the answer is both.  Probably it depends on your perspective. Probably your answer will be different one year to the next.

While I ponder on the topic, here’s a little something for you to enjoy.

After stumbling upon this video earlier today I made a new resolution: I’ll learn to play that song on my ukulele before the conclusion of 2013.  I’m starting today.


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