photo dump

For today’s post you get to watch me practice up-loading a bunch of photos! (yaaay!) What’s more fun than tagging along with your blog friend while she get’s her sea legs? On that same vein, I didn’t forget about my little giveaway that could. I even put the bitty dolly prize together today. She has a humanoid form now! I’m going to pick a winner in time that should said winner be local the dolly will be able to take on some Christmasy-type responsibility (if you get my drift) So I guess that means I’ll announce a winner…Tomorrow! In the mean time, here is some photographic randomness for you to enjoy! Plus? Captions!

I got purple on the underside of my bangs, Sadly it doesn’t show unless I do this. Also, does my nose look strange in this photo or is it just me?

He really enjoyed that smoothie. Incidentally, I think the stache suits him.
I think the high was mid-eighties that day. It’s a good thing he had his woolen hat on.
I’m in the process of making over my brows. Heavy bangs are a distinct advantage to the undertaking, but we’re making some good progress under there.
Moo got into Zizza’s art supplies. The consequence was Ziz got her choice of supplies from Moo’s box.

Some days you just really need a statement piece.

Got her hand stamped at preschool- So exciting!

Even more exciting? Wearing winged liner just like her Aunty Cas. After I lined her eyes she didn’t rest until I’d photographed her and sent it along so Aunty could see her fabulousness.


Adding hair and clothes and a body makes such a difference.

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