Christmas Juice

The post office guys.  Seriously.  I went today.

The bulk of our mailing was done weeks ago by Mr. Such it was that I almost didn’t need to make even one trip. However, I had a special project that just got finished and had to be mailed. Thus on this the nineteenth day of December in the year of our Lord, two thousand and twelve I went to the post office.

The line was out the door when I arrived a few minutes to four o’clock.  Lucky for me though, I know how to use the automated kiosk so I “excuse me’d” straight through that line to the mini line on the other side.  Only five people ahead me.  Boo-yah! (yes I just said boo-yah I surprise even myself sometimes) Granted, the kiosk malfunctions occasionally requiring entire transactions to be re-transacted (this happened to the gentleman right in front of me) but I was still in and out of there like lighting where lightning is >= fifteen minutes. In the case of mid-December postal errands that is totally lightning.

Hey, do you remember my advent calendar? We’ve been having a good time with it in all it’s right to left glory again this year. Today after the post office and all I still didn’t have a good idea of what to put in the box.  I was fixing dinner while I thought about what to do.  Shuffling things around in the fridge, annoyed by the juice pitcher always in my way wherever I put it.

We so seldom have juice in the house at all that when it’s there it’s a constant bother.  Actually what usually happens is that it eventually makes it’s way to the very back of the fridge where it gets all stinky gross and then I find it and dump it with my nose plugged.  Anyway, the juice was in my way and I thought “Hey, why don’t we drink this tonight at dinner?”  Then I thought a little more about my advent problem and the answer was plain.  Juice is a special treat ’round here. Is it not? I could put that in the advent box!  Then I laughed at discovering the lamest advent activity of all time and I told Mr my idea.  We laughed together and then I actually wrote “have juice with dinner” on a little paper and stuck it in the box just so we could see the kids’ reaction.

They loved it.

They loved that Christmas juice they had with dinner.  They loved it so much they all want to marry it when they grow up.

We had a back up (make popcorn) but we spared ourselves the inevitable vacuuming of the entire house when we saw that the juice thing was actually going over.

If you need a little holiday magic at your house, I think Christmas juice could be the answer.  It was cran-raspberry juice by the way.

That might be important.




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