Wait for it

There’s a face Enzo makes.  It’s a special smile.  He reserves it for times when he’s just done something he deems extra adorable.  He drops his adorable bomb and then follows up quick with the special crinkle nosed grin.

For example, He’ll say something like “Mom, I just love spending time with my flamily, you guys are my favorite people.” and then BAM! There’s the special smile.

I want a picture of that smile.  I want it bad but I don’t know how I’m going to get it.  I have a tiny window of warning because I can recognize the “mama will eat this up,” statements when he starts them but If I run for the camera at that point I won’t be paying attention to him and if I’m not paying attention to him I doubt he’ll feel his adorableness is being appreciated and if his adorableness isn’t appreciated he’ll have no reason to throw in the bonus smile. I’m going to try for it though.  If  I start carrying my phone in my pocket so I don’t have to run and get it maybe I can get the camera turned on quick enough and without diverting my attention too much.  If I get the picture don’t worry, you guys will be the first to know.



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