Friends, I am ill. For the last day and a half I’ve been suffering from the kind of constant low grade nausea inter-dispersed with more intense bouts of the same that would normally have me doing compulsive menstruation math.  That being said, I am 100% surely not pregnant so no math is required as I drag myself around the house in an attempt to remain semi productive while I wait it out.

Last Friday I threw Zizza’s class Christmas party.  They’re not allowed to celebrate Halloween at that school but luckily Christmas is still a thing.

The party was all kids of great. They were divided into teams and we had a present wrapping relay.  If you ever have a classroom full of second graders and need a laugh, give them all paper and tape and let them lose on a gift box.  Pure entertainment.

Sometime Saturday I made the connection that I was partying with those kids while other parents were waiting to find out whether their babies were coming home from school that day.

I guess this post is over, because where do you really go from there?


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