My morning started out like any regular Wednesday. Then as I pushed my stroller down the road and thought about how stinking cold my feet were (because my running shoes look like this actually a lot worse than that since I’ve still been wearing them this whole time) I got a phone call.  Caller ID said it was the school calling which did not bode well.  Sure enough it was the Nurse.  Enzo had spewed.  School had not even been in session for ten minutes.

The good news is he didn’t puke in the car during carpool.  The other good news is he didn’t puke in the classroom leaving the rest of the class to wait while the custodian came with the coffee can full of saw dust to take care of the mess.  He puked out side before he even lined up.  I didn’t ask him where outside.  Hopefully it wasn’t actually on the playground, like down a slide or something.

I went and picked him up.  He got in the car buckled his seat belt and cracked open his lunch box.  I think my thought’s were along the lines of  “you have GOT to be kidding me.” I convinced him that at the very least he should wait until he was out of the car before he ate anything. He was fine the rest of the day.  Plus, his being home kept Moo occupied so I ended up getting lots of work done.  What a pleasant surprise.


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