Tuesday outfits

It’s been a week here at the new digs. I think it’s going pretty well.

I guess I should be announcing a giveaway winner, but I’m not.  See I’m supposed to be able to see who’s following me but I can’t.  I believe the reason for this, at least in part, is because I don’t know where to look. Also, I know of at least one person (the Mr) has followed untraceably, like a ninja.

What I’m getting to is this.  Leave a comment to enter.  If you’ve commented on previous posts hereabouts during the past week, I’ve already counted you so no worries. Also, I need you to choose a skin color for the prize dolly. I’ve got the two colors shown here to chose from so go ahead and tell me what you prefer.

And now I shall tell you a story.

My sixth grade teacher had five outfits.  One for each school day of the week. I don’t remember every outfit.  If fact I only remember Tuesday’s:  Tan polyester elastic waist slacks with a green (somewhere between sage and mint) button-down, also made of polyester (of course) with monochromatic embroidered detailing. The whole thing was finished off with tan old lady sneakers.

The repetition through out my sixth grade education stuck with me.  In so much that even in college, seven eight and nine years later, I wouldn’t wear an outfit more frequently than 2 weeks apart.  Even then it had to be on an alternate day.

For example, if I wore something on a Tuesday it was out of bounds for the entire following week.  The week after that I could wear it again but only on a Monday Wednesday or Friday.  Then it would be off limits for a week again, following which it would be available for a  Thursday wearing. The whole cycle would have to repeat again before that outfit was eligible to see another Tuesday. I wore individual pieces more often than that but never complete outfits.

I don’t currently have any such system in place.  This is because I have fewer clothes and fewer places to go. The only people I see every day are my family and none of them take an interest in my wardrobe patterns. If I had regular commitments outside the house you can be sure I’d set myself some repetition guidelines. I don’t think I’d be able to be as stringent though.  I no longer have the memory for it.



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