uh-o tomato

Tonight we had tomato soup and grilled cheese. Enzo even ate his whole sandwich. He hasn’t finished a grilled cheese since this day nearly three years ago.  I have often wondered how it could be that I bore a child who dislikes grilled cheese.  Now I have my answer.  I didn’t.  I bore a child who went through a shaky phase for a few early years following which he rejoined the healthy population of sandwich lovers.

After dinner we had a rip-roar’n time tracing coloring book pictures onto flattened coffee filters.  We got new Rudolph coloring books last week and they’re fantastic.  We started out this evening doing our own drawing on the filters but once the tracing started there was no going back.  Tomorrow I need to find a place in the house to hang them all up for display.

After the coloring fun we all settled in for the evening routine; scripture reading, happys and sads, family prayer, a chapter of Harry Potter, kids prayers, lullabies and “IfyougeoutofthatbedonemoretimesohelpmeIwilltieyoutoit.” But as we were starting happys Ziz whispered to me “my tummy hurts,” I had time to think “Hopefully she just need’s rest because that tomato soup would not be fun to see again,” and by the time we moved on she was up and running for the bathroom.

She did not make it.

The good news is, the cello recital that was scheduled for tomorrow had already been bumped back to the 15th due to illness.  The bad news is I went in to check on her and she was sleeping with her eyes open, all creepy like. (shudder)

I probably won’t make tomato soup again for a while.


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