Over heared

Probably the best thing about driving kindergarten carpool is listening in on conversations from the back seat.

One day the three kindergartners made up a game where one of them would think of a person and say their name. Then the other two had to guess whether the name belonged to a boy or a girl.  This has potential to be a very interesting game given the naming trends of recent years. They kept things pretty mellow with names like “Jackie” and “Jason” Also, even though they are all three in different classes they see each other and all 3 classrooms full of kids on the playground so they’re at least slightly acquainted with all the same kids.  It follows that none of them were stumped in the game that day.

Today there was this conversation between Enzo and his buddy. I wrote it down when I got home while it was still fresh in my mind so I’d be able to share it with you without muddling things.

Buddy: When I’m big I’m going to be a scientist.

A few minutes later

Buddy: When we get big we’ll still be friends right?

Enzo: Yeah, but we won’t play, just talk.  That’s how grown ups play, just by talking.

Buddy: Grown ups play games, only not candy land.  Games like Go Fish.

Enzo: You know how my mom plays with her friends? Talking.  Grown ups just like talking.

Buddy: Grown ups like to play games but only card games. But not Go Fish. They don’t know how to play Go Fish.

Enzo: And we like Go Fish. Right? We like to play Go Fish only we don’t know how to shuffle.

Buddy: I know how to shuffle.






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