Aren’t you lucky!

Do you faithful readers feel the privilege of  watching me figure out how to use wordpress?  Yes I know, it’s not difficult.  But listen, I figured out my routine on blogger years ago.  I figured it out with no one but Mr ever looking at my posts and then I stuck with it and never learned another dang thing until now.

Today I’m experimenting with adding a photo to a post.

Did you notice that that’s an instagram photo?  That’s right I’m also still struggling through working my phone all by myself (feel sorry for me) But, I had a major win today (so you can stop feeling sorry for me now) when I had another crack at uploading photos. Guess what? The instagrams are free!  I totally busted them out of their prison in my phone. Now if only I could figure out how to close the itunes window on my computer.  One thing at a time I suppose.

The photo I chose to practice for you today features the lovely flowering kale growing in a front yard flower pot of mine.  Isn’t it’s pinky purple heart glorious?  And the variegation on the outward leaves?  Be still my heart.  The flowering kale is the big winner of all my autumn plants.

I have pansies tucked in around the kale.  I’m a big fan of pansies but I don’t think they were the right decision in this instance.  The kale needs something bushier around it’s borders to hide it’s less attractive stalks.

Did you forget my giveaway?

Don’t. Ok?

To enter, follow me here, and if you think I might not know you’re following go ahead and leave a comment saying so just to be sure.

As of now the prize is a little bitty teeny weeny waldorf style doll.  If you’d rather have a twelve inch doll as a prize you’d better say so.  I’ll consider comments on preferred doll size to be votes and the majority will rule. Once we settle the size issue we’ll vote on colors and other fun things of that nature.  So comment, follow and show me love friends! I need to know you’re there.

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