What dreams may come

Enzo came to me one day and said “mom, sometimes I get scared in the night and I can’t go back to sleep so I just lay in my bed feeling scared,” I asked him why he didn’t come find me when that happened and he said it was because we always tell them not to get out of bed once their tucked in.  My poor sad baby laying terrified alone in his bed thinking he’ll get in trouble for seeking  comfort. I told him I want him to come and find me if he wakes up in the night feeling scared.

I didn’t remember that conversation until last night at 1:45 when he came crying into my room, burrowed into my bed and suction-cupped himself to the side of my body. After a few minutes he said “Mom, maybe we should say a prayer to help me not be scared.” So we did that. Then he was able to tell me what it was all about.

In his dream we went to a carnival and saw a movie, then a vampire bat chased us home.  When we got there his friends were outside and the vampire bat got them.  After that it turned it’s attention to us.  It picked the lock on the car with it’s tooth and came after Duke and I think that’s when he woke up.

It took him nearly an hour to calm down and let go of me.  When he did, Mr suggested he might be more comfortable in his own bed and off he went.  Only he came back saying he thought he’d rather sleep in our bed.

Two minutes later is was morning. My alarm went off and I got up wondering why I felt like I was already awake.  Then Enz popped out of bed all chipper “It’s time to get up for school?” and I remembered.

Now he’s napping and I’m all kinds of jealous.

For the record I am glad he came to find me when he was so scared.  I’m just hoping that in any future incidences of night mares he’ll go back to bed and stay after the initial comforting takes place.  Mama needs her space and her sleep.

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