This is it

What do you think?  You like it?

Props to Kirstin  at June Lily for making it pretty.

Now I’ve done it, I’ve made the switch and to reward you for having patience with me and my learning curve on word press I’ll be having a give away.  At the end of my first week anyone who’s followed me over here will be entered.

Just to keep it real I want you to know that I currently don’t have a prize for this giveaway.  It’s going to be something that I’ll make during the coming week.  Probably a doll.  I have 2 of those on the “to make” list already so I might as well add a third. Right?   Maybe a teeny tiny doll to fit in a little hand?  I loved the one I made like that before.  Tiny is fun!

I’ll be taking feed back (I just decided) throughout the week on what this prize dolly should look like. The first question is how big?  I’m really fancying the four inch idea but I could be persuaded to go twelve inches if you’d prefer it.

To enter follow me here.  I’m not entirely sure how you do that as I’m not actually all that techno savvy, but If you know how go ahead and do it! In the mean time I’ll find out how so I can tell the rest of you.  ok?


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