Goodness gravy friends, I am a blank slate today.

I had a nap this afternoon.  I laid down and set my timer for 30 minutes.  That usually does the trick.  This time I was interrupted 20 minutes in.  Feeling cheated, I ignored the timer when it did go off and then slept fitfully for too long.  I’m going to blame my brain funk on that.

Want to hear a sad story?

Once there was a family with a rockin’ awesome trampoline.  Over the course of 5 years in the brutal Arizona sun the pad on the trampoline wore out.  The family was fix’n to replace it but before that happened the trampoline’s mat ripped during a family jump fest so now they needed both a pad and a mat.

The family was left with the trampoline frame and a 3 foot deep pit in the yard until they saw fit to buy 2/3rds of a new trampoline.

The End.

By the way, I’ll be taking the next few days to practice a bit on my new blog and think up a giveaway for all those who follow me through the switch.

I’ll be back Monday with the low down.


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