Technical struggles Yo!

Me, I’m not to great with the technical what have yous. I ride on the coat tails of my techno savvy husband and that usually gets me by.

However I recently got an iphone.

He chose a windows phone for himself.

What this means is that I have to actually learn how to do stuff myself.  Normally anything I use he already knows everything about so I just ask him how to do everything and all’s well.

Not this time.


I’m having issues with blogging instagram photos and If I want it sorted out I’ll have to do it on my own because his Windows phone doth not instagram.

In other news; GUESS WHAT! I’m moving!

Not physically.  Physically we’re still here in the same little house.

My cyber home will be moving at the end of the week.  You’ll all be invited to see my pretty new site on Monday.  In the mean time I’ll try and learn how to use instagram such that I can share instagramish things with y’all.  If’n you want to follow me over there, my user name is eva_uniquety

peace out.


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