I am sometimes on the lazy side.  

For example now.

I have a picture on my phone that I want to post about but my phone is over there. “ihn!” that was the sound of me reaching in vain.

After dinner tonight I busted out the pies for tomorrow.  Well, one pie and one empty crust.  I need to make the chocolate filling for the empty one still.  Also, I think I need some pie weights.  Blind baking pie crusts almost always brings me unsatisfactory results.  Either the edges fall, the whole thing shrinks or (like this time) once the bottom is done the sides are over brown.

That paragraph was an attempt to undermine the truth telling I did at the top of this post.

Mr is getting the turkey all cozied up in it’s brine for the night. His productivity mocks me.

Our menu for tomorrow is: Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stove top (I hate stuffing, Mr must make due) roasted carrots, roasted beets, raspberry jell-o, rolls, sweet potato pie and chocolate pie.

We none of us care for cranberries so we don’t bother with them.

Each kid is the helper for a dish.  Ziz made the jell-o this afternoon. (individual ramekins=fancy) Moo helped peel the carrots and Enzo is all psyched up to help mash the potatoes.  Duke’s job is not to sneak out and ride his bike down the middle of the street all by his eighteen month old lonesome.

I guess we’re all set for tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving yo!


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