After two long years I finally got around to painting my piano.    

Zizza has completed Suzuki book one on her cello and so we hosted her book recital on Sunday evening. That recital was just the kick in the pants I needed to finally get on with that project. We needed the piano to be in tune for the recital and I wasn’t about to have it tuned before we hauled it out to the garage for painting and then back again.

As often happens in procrastinating circumstances such as this, I finished the painting but not in time to have tuning scheduled. Ziz was accompanied by a ravishingly pink but out of tune piano. Priorities, you know?


We topped the new loveliness with a forest of autumnal trees. I did this project with Enzo’s class for the harvest party and had extra paper bags all prepped and ready to adorn the pinkness when she came back from the garage.


It was a great project, I recommend it. The trees and the piano both.

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