Duke has spent most of his life on clothes too big. He is a spring baby with a winter baby for an older brother. All of my baby boy clothes are a season off in size. We’re really getting into trouble now because while Enz was a tiny boy to start out with, he beefed up quite a bit right after his first birthday.

Duke is only weeks away from eighteen months and I’m still waiting for the beef up there.

 In other words: Dukes winter clothes are extra huge. Even huger than we’ve become used to. He’s rocking rolled waist bands and bunched sleeves like they’re going out of style.

 At the beginning if the summer after I got out all the too large clothes I had for him to wear in through the months of stifling heat I decided to get him a thing or two in his actual size. This ensemble became my favorite.


It’s so refreshing to see him proportioned correctly, without his drawers slipping down and sleeves to his elbows. This outfit gets extra points for the shorts being short enough to show off his squishy little knees. Dear me I’ll miss those shorts in a few weeks when things get too chilly for them.


I sorted through the 2T box today. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face unfolding the T-shirts that swathed my Enzo through his second year. Passing down clothed is so much more than economical. I’m so looking forward to dressing Duke in all those dear clothes. I mean, if he ever gets big enough to fit a 2T



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