Was anybody wondering how that harvest party went?

Well I’l just go ahead and tell you it was lovely and not Halloweeny at all.

 The only possibly Halloween related thing was that I had the Pinata filled with glow sticks. Glow Sticks aren’t really a Halloween thing per se, it’s just that when I planned the party it was going to be a few days before Halloween and I thought the glow sticks might come in handy for trick or treating. They wouldn’t have though, those kids cracked ’em as soon as they laid hands on ’em they’d have been all burnt out long before trick or treating happened.

I went back and forth a bit on harvesty pinata ideas and finally settled on a squash. It turned out to be a cute fat little crook-necked thing. I rather liked it.


I wanted to do a pinata from the start. I have a hazy memory of going with my mother to help in the class party of one of my older siblings. I also remember that she made a pinata for a party at some point. I don’t know if the noisy classroom scene I have in my head is the party the pinata went to but the two live side by side in my psyche so, it might have been.

 Anyway, that memory jumble suggested to me that a pinata was the thing to do. That being said. I wasn’t about to bring a bat and a blindfold into the kindergarten classroom and turn folks loose. I drew on this memory and we tossed that squash around the circle in a game of hot potato.

 The pinata made it around the circle a whole bunch of times. It was almost time for the kids to line up for the end of the day and I was getting worried that I’d put on one too many layers of paper mache so I told them that they were certainly welcome to take a minute to abuse the pinata when it was their turn. Of course the longer you spend with it in your hands the more likely you’ll be to get out when the music stops. It went about half way around the circle with each kid giving it a whap on the floor before passing it. Then it got to the aggressive little princess of the group. She bashed that thing without stopping until it cracked. Then every one got their glow sticks and all was well.

All was well except for how I wanted to get that girl out but she was so busy pounding the squash that she didn’t notice when the strains of “Hoedown” ceased so she just carried on with the task at hand in spite of being “out.” I should’ve targeted her earlier.

Live and learn.


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