Runnin shoes

The other morning I set out with my stroller. Moo was on her bike pedaling happily down the street ahead of me. “Hmm,” I thought. “My foot feels cold, but only in that one little spot.” Can you guess what the problem was?

I guess I now know the life expectancy of a pair of vibram five fingers. I guess I’m also in the market for a new pair of shoes.

 I have loved running in my vibrams. It took some time, a lot of short runs and some majorly sore calves to get used to them but I’ll never go back to a conventional shoe.

 All the sore feet, aching ankles, shins, knees etc that I used to experience in conjunction with running are no more. In the past it would take me a mile of jogging tentatively on touchy legs before I could settle in and enjoy my run. I haven’t had a single running related joint ache since I changed shoes.

 That said, vibrams tend to be a bit on the chilly side, and since I run with a stroller I can’t scan ahead for rocks in my path as well as I otherwise could. I stepped on a doozy during the run before I discovered the hole. That hurt a lot and I’m pretty sure it’s responsible for the puncture wound to my shoe.  All the crushed granite used in landscaping around here is killer when it gets strewn onto the pavement.

 I’m looking at Altra’s this time. Hoping that the zero drop and wider toe box will let me keep my barefoot form while being a little warmer for the winter months plus giving me some extra protection against rocks.

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