The ninjas

After the “literary parade” Friday and then trunk or treating Saturday I’ve found myself thinking of Halloween 2012 in the past tense. For the past 2 days I’ve been fighting the urge to tear down the false cobwebs (I dutifully ignore the real ones) and pack up the jack-o-lanterns. Alas, it will have to be put off a bit longer.

 As for today. Well, today I’ll show you my Ninjas.


The way Zizza convinced Enzo to match with her was by imagining what fun it would be if people couldn’t tell them apart. Can you tell who is who? (I never got around to Tabi boots so they opted to go barefoot in the photos so their shoes wouldn’t give them away)

 We sort of forgot about Ninja weapons. I had bigger things on my mind. Things I’ll post about tomorrow. (I’m trying to build some suspense here. is it working?)

 Today the 2 ninjas were soliciting for swords to wield while trick-or-or treating. The poor dears haven’t realized Halloween is already over…

 Darn it.

I did it again didn’t I?

 I was half way up the step stool going after those polyester cobwebs. “Halloween is tomorrow, Halloween is tomorrow,” I’m just going to keep repeating that to myself until I go to bed.

 The cobwebs are coming down the minute my trick-or-treaters come home.

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