Pant’s on Fire

Oh friends, The blog thing just didn’t happen yesterday. You know what did happen? The Halloween costume thing. It happened yesterday and then it happened again today.

 Remember last week when I was all “most of my sewing is done neener neener” Yeah, having three out of four kids costumes basically squared away may have gone to my head and caused me to procrastinate on number four which happens to be the most detail oriented of them all.

 Yes that’s right, the kid who is unaware of Halloween and therefore has no costume demands or expectations of any kind is the one who’s taking the most time and energy. This of course is because as his mother I stepped in and provided the demands and expectations on his behalf and I guess I’m more demanding and expectant than my other three kids. At least in the realm of costumes.

 Tomorrow is the “Literature Parade” at school. They call it that because they don’t want to offend those among us who are anti-Halloween.

 I think it’s it’s ridiculous.

Honestly if you had moral issues with Halloween and the surrounding traditions would you be cool with sending your kid to school to participate in a costume parade during the final week of October? Cause I wouldn’t.

Calling it “Literature Day” instead of Halloween is a big fat lie and it drives me crazy.

 Oh, and they follow up the parade with “Harvest Parties” in the classrooms. If anyone took the time to notice what’s going on in the fields round about they’d see that folks here in Arizona are actually planting right now. Not so much “harvesting,” Also the parties usually involve skeletons and ghosts and other various non-harvest themed stuff.

I signed up to plan the party in Enzo’s class this year.  I started out thinking that I’d just call it what it was and throw the “H” word (the “H” word is Halloween, just so we’re clear) around as much as possible.  I will not be cowed into joining the lie.

I used the Halloween word in a note to  the teacher and she went out of her way to correct me.  “Is that so?” I thought.  “FINE.” so I took my approach in the opposite direction.  If it’s a harvest party, then it will be a harvest party.  So help me, there will not be so much as a jack-o-lantern at that party.  We also decided to have the party next Friday so it won’t be on the same day as the parade.  It won’t even be in the month of October. SO THERE!

Next time I choose a school for my kids I’ll be looking into how holidays are handled.    


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