Guess what guys.  I met my sewing goal today.

Moo’s costume sewing it totally done all that’s left is to buy her a pair of black leggings and a long sleeved black t-shirt.  I also may fashion a pair of antennae if I have the time. (She’s a purple butterfly. Wings are a go)

I showed Enzo the rendering I did of the rainbow and gold ninja a while back.  He LOVED it.  Luckily Zizza’s powers of costume indecision persuasion were still at work and by the time I made it to the fabric store she’d talked him into being twinners with her so they’re both black ninjas with gold belts.  I still have the masks and belts to do there.  Also, maybe tabi boots but those’ll have to wait until after I take care of the Duke who’s costume will remain a surprise for the time being.  Just know this:  It will be Awesome. (yes, with the capitol A even)


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