Parking spaces

What’d y’all do over the weekend? We cleaned the garage. Swept out a whole summer’s worth of dust, trash, flattened geckos and dead bugs. It was a good time.

 Since I started running in the mornings about a year ago part of the routine has been to move the trash cans and dismantle the pile of bicycles that inevitably build up in front of my stroller between uses in order that I may exit. I usually have at least one false start where I think I’m good to go but then realize half way out that It’s no good and I’m either going to have to drive my stroller over a tricycle or launch another attack on the bike pile. Well friends, no more! The struggle has ended for I have instituted assigned parking.


After I parceled out the available space in the garage The young ones moved bicycles aside and  labeled their spaces. The side walk chalk was pulling it’s weight on Saturday morning.


After playing out side with friends yesterday Zizza told me she’d had to lay down the law with the neighbor kids about parking spaces and what goes where. It’s good she’s keeping on top of things in the garage because I left through the front door today and I’m pretty sure I saw actual teeth marks in the candy corn on my wreath. If kids are climbing up outside my front door to gnaw on my seasonal decor entirely without my knowledge I don’t know how I could hope to keep the monstrous bike pile at bay without the help of Sheriff Ziz.


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