Snape Snape

Zizza’s been enjoying this video during her computer time.  She shared it with Enz and he enjoyed it as well.

Today Ziz found her set of fairy tale hand puppets.  She has a prince, princess, Wizard, dragon and frog.  When the puppets were found they were all assigned parts immediately.  I’m pretty sure the prince played Snape which on one hand is all kinds of wrong and on another geekier hand is all kinds of right.  The wizard puppet was Dumbledore (obvs) Ron was the frog.  Hermione was the princess. And Harry was played by Enzo’s stuffed puppy “Golden Ear” (The naming algorithm has apparently come to an end.)

With their cast selected the two of them set out to re-create.  Zizza voiced Snape, Enzo Dumbledore and I was Ron.  We did pretty ok, I was impressed with us.  I think I might make it a family goal to someday carry off the whole thing.  It’s going to take time though, Duke has a developmental milestone or two to meet before he’ll be ready to contribute.   

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