Death of the samlich

There’s a down side to having your kid learn to read.  

Words they’ve adorably mispronounced for years get a second chance once they’re experienced on paper.  
All three of my talkers had a different take of breakfast.  Ziz ate “brecfix” Enz enjoyed “breadix” and Moo likes to have “brekstist” in the mornings.  
Enzo has eaten samliches with a gusto for years now.  He had three of them for lunch today.  The second and third of which he compiled himself.  They might have been his last.  There was discussion of the word “sandwich” at the dinner table and I’m afraid it sunk in.  

One Response to Death of the samlich

  1. Oh I hate that! My girl still calls dolphins “doliphants”, pinkies “finkies” and the phrase “in a jiffy” is “in a jippy”. I will be so sad to see them go! Here's to hoping for more samliches in Enzo's future!


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