Guess who did a seasonal craft

Yes, that’s right it was me. I also hung a wreath on my door for the first time in ever.

I thought about creating a tutorial but I figured you wouldn’t need my help working out how to hot glue candy corn to a Styrofoam wreath form.

I also used my crafty skills to buy the trick or treat smell my feet sign form the dollar section at Target and then cut it in half because they had it stuck together on a single piece of cardboard and I thought that was lame.  If you looked any closer you’d see the jagged edges me and my utility knife left when we did that job. Another touch of class is the sticky hook I hung it on clearly visible there in the middle of the door.  Yes, we’re all about the details around here.


Ziz came in today to tattle tell me that neighbor kids had been picking candy corn off and eating them so I guess my crafty genius is being appreciated.


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