Sunday was a sick day for me.  The Mr single parented while I lay there trying and failing to sleep.  Every once in a while I’d realize the futility of the sleeping, drag myself out of bed and preform a token parenting task.  Then I’d realize I was not fit to be upright and heave myself back to my room.

The night was one of those long drawn out types where every few hours you wake up and realize you’re still aching. I finally found comfort an hour before it was time to get up.

This morning I felt better.  Well enough to face the messy kitchen, cook breakfast and take the kids to the park. Normally I’d be going there to run on a Monday morning but I didn’t think I’d be up to that so we just went.

Ziz and Enz are on fall break this week.  Yesterday Zizza prayed “please bless mama that she’ll be better tomorrow so she can go running”  what she meant was “So we can go to the park” After the park we had to go to Joann to gather costume supplies.  Today was the last day my coupons were valid.  By that time I was back to feeling like a mushy banana.  So basically perfect conditions for taking four children to a fabric store.

Moo started things off right by surrying around the end of the isle and hiding until I came after her then running away.  We went half a store’s length by the time I caught her.  She had to ride in the cart after that which meant I had to carry Duke.  Sounds like fun. No?

Zizza wanted desperately to be helpful. “Do you want me to carry the fabric mama?” “No. It’s in the cart it doesn’t need to be carried.”  I noticed that every time I’d sigh or groan she would take it personally. “sorry, mama,” I think I need to be more careful with that girl.  She shouldn’t be taking responsibility for my grumbling.

We made it home.  Moo spent the drive screeching “I wanna go one more place,” at regular intervals while I took corresponding centering breaths.

Once lunch was fed and quiet time was established I went to sleep. This sleep was the kind you hope for.  The kind where your body feels like a sack of warm sand, heavy and comfortable.  I’m hoping against hope there’s more of that sleep waiting for me at the end of this post.


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