Guys, it’s almost October.  Every August I think about Halloween and how I should get going but then I decide I’m jumping the gun and then September comes and I think “Man, I better Hurry up! Oh, wait Halloween is at the end of October.  That means I still have 2 months.” and the procrastination goes on from there.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m in too bad shape this year in spite of not having started yet.  I got a good Joann coupon in the mail that becomes valid Monday so I’m going to plan out exactly what I need and tackle it hard core in the coming week.

The Mr’s been out of town this week.  Totally lame.  He’s oh his way home from the airport this very minute. I think one of the worst things about having him gone is cooking dinner.  All motivation to cook good food flies out the window when I realize everybody at the table but me is probably just going to complain about eating it.   I did actually come up with two dinners that they ate happily.  I think that’s something to be proud of.  Then one night I gave up and made pumpkin pancakes and tonight they had pizza at a church activity.  So, I guess we made it through.

This evening I went to the dollar store and bought candy corn.  I have no intention of allowing any of it to be eaten.  I’m going to hot glue it all to a wreath. Hopefully I can get it to look good.  Ziz begged all week so I got the Halloween decorations out today. I guess her enthusiasm rubbed off on me, thus I purchased wreath supplies.

Someone just walked in the front door so I’m out.

See you Monday


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