Thrifty, Yo!

Guess what I did yesterday!  You’ll be so proud of me.  I’d recently read somewhere about how to save money on groceries.  Then I ran into the store for milk and a thing or two exactly like you’re not supposed to do if you want to stick to a strict grocery budge,t and the milk I buy when I can’t get fresh. ( Dang mama cow had a baby now we have to buy milk at the store and wait for the baby to wean) was on sale 50% off!  The down side was it was sold out.

So here’s where I get awesome.  I asked for a rain check.  Oh yes I did, and I was all “Look at me being so milk shopping savvy and all that.”  Meanwhile I had to buy more expensive milk cuz we were clean out.  Then later it hit me.  Walmart price match!  I didn’t need to buy that more expensive milk, I should’ve just stopped at walmart on my way to school, only not lose track of the time this time. Aw man! Thrifty fail.

So today I went to walmart on purpose just to try this price matching business only what do you know? They didn’t have the milk either. Actually, I couldn’t find a single drop of organic milk in the whole place.  What’s up with that?  The whole reason I started going to walmart is because they have the best price on organic milk and today there wasn’t even an empty spot where it should be. In other words Walmart might be regaining it’s “dead to me” status.  Price matching is great and all but what’s the point if they don’t have what I want to buy?

So, to sum up.  I have a rain check for milk at Fry’s burning a hole in my pocket.  Meanwhile my attempt to price match (and thus double my cheap milk purchasing because the rain check is good for a whole week!) failed.  But I tried so you know, A for effort or whatever.


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