I had it man, I had it.  Right inside my head ready to spill onto the keyboard as soon as the kids were tucked away and I could let it out.  Maybe I should have taken that moment to write down the premise when it was so fresh and eager in my head.  Notes are our friends.  One doesn’t remember things like one used to do.  Could use the little reminder. But who has the time?  Stop in the middle of a task to jot down mind bits?  So much easier to log and file things mentally.  Easier until the file is lost and there is the blank and you’re blinking; Where is it? Where did it go?  The idea I had.  It was real.  It was really real and it was ready and all I had to do was type it…but it’s gone and someone upstairs is whispering still long after bedtime.  Whispering while I draw blank.  Give up now to wash the dishes.


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