I’ve been thinking lately about how I can fit sewing back into my life. I did alterations on a wedding dress a few weeks ago.  All of that work was done at my kitchen table after the kids were in bed.  

I’ve been telling myself that what I need to do is finish the organization project I started in my sewing room while nesting (yes, Duke is 16 months old) Once that was done, I was sure I’d be able to sew some everyday.  
That project is now in it’s final stages.  Not done by any means but the framework is in place and I’m siphoning off the clutter bit by bit as I put things away on the new shelves.  
After completing that last alterations job I got to the point where I could put my machines (both of them!) back on my table.  I thought that meant I’d be able to sew in there while I continue to order and organize.  I forgot something though.
My second and third babies both shared rooms with the older sibling.  Ziz slept through Enzo’s night time noise and he in turn slept through Moo’s.  Now we have the girls paired and we thought the boys would be paired as well but Enz lost his ability to sleep through any baby noise since Moo moved out of his room.  As a result I made up the pack n’ play in the walk in closet of the sewing room and that has become Dukes room.  Once he was sleeping with minimal night time noise we tried moving him back to the crib but he wasn’t having it. So where does that leave my sewing room?
Well, he is in the closet so sometimes it has worked for me to sew while he’s sleeping because I can close his door.  In the dead of summer though, the closet has to be open so the A/C will reach him.  Now things are starting to cool down a bit but he’s learned to reach out of his bed and open the door.  If I leave the door closed he can reach the knob and he’ll open and close and open and close and open and SLAM on and on instead of sleeping.
So anyway, my sewing room has been taken over.
I’m hopeful that the ever increasing darkness of winter will prove helpful in transitioning him into his crib.
Today I was working on another alterations job.  (The only time I sew anymore is when it’s for someone else.  How sad.)  I brought my machine down to the dining room table and worked while I oversaw homework time.  It was fantastic!  I got my work done! They got their work done! Everybody wins! What a discovery!
I’ve set a goal for myself.  One sewing project a week.  This will be good for my creative soul, good for my general productivity levels and will hopefully ensure that I get a bit of sleep during the last week of October.   

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