What did I do today and why was it interesting?

I’m thisclose to done preserving all the fruit that’s been sitting here all week.  Somedays I was waiting for it to ripen, other days it was waiting for me to have the time.  A few days I found we were both ready and I made jam and stuff.  Today I got through the last of it.  Tonight not a single fruit resides in a cardboard box anywhere in my home.  I do have a batch of pear butter cooking down in my crock pot that will have to be processed tomorrow but that’s no big deal.

While I peeled and sliced sweet slimy things today Moo and her friend watched show after show on Netflix.  Or, as the friend called it they “watched a woovie”  Nothing like ignoring your children and the children you’ve agreed to babysit to make you feel like a responsible person.
Once I finished my fruit wrangling we headed to my sister in law’s house to swim.  The weather was perfect for being outside and not in a pool.  It was crazy and fantastic.  September never feels this good.  Meanwhile, my children chattered their way, blue lips and all, through an hour or so of playing in the pool.  Lucky for me Duke agreed with my assessment that the water was cold and we were better off on the deck enjoying the cool breeze.  
Tired kids are easy to tuck into bed.  Well, at least they were tonight.  
There, that more or less is what I did. You’ll have to excuse me for not answering the second half of my question.  I simply don’t know.   


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