Mappy Hirthday Boo

Here it is. The first time I’ve managed to get a birthday minute picture of Moo. I looked it up yesterday, she was born at 3 AM.


I spent the morning remembering when she was a baby how I watched her explore the house safe and content and wondered to myself how and when she would feel that level of security again once it all hit the fan. I still don’t have an answer beyond “not yet” but we’re getting there.


Moo greeted her birthday with low expectations. I asked her last night what she’d like for her birthday breakfast. She picked oatmeal ie:the same thing we have every morning.
Any guesses what she asked for at lunch time?

 Peanut butter and jelly.

 I am not making this stuff up.

 I didn’t fill her request for lunch. I hadn’t bothered to thaw any bread since I was planning to give her a wide open choice of lunch options and figured we’d wind up with fast food of one kind or other.

 So she requested pb&j I looked at her, nonplussed for a beat or two and rephrased the question. She still didn’t grasp that she could be thinking beyond the pantry. At that point I gave up, considered her preferences and drove to Chick fil a.


A request I did fill? She asked for a strawberry birthday cake. The Mr and Ziz were both worried when they heard her say it. Thoughts of processed pink strawberry flavored cake mixes haunted their minds as they brought up alternative suggestions. I saw what was going on and calmed their fears. Moo could certainly have her request for strawberry cake filled without subjecting the family to such horrors. Real berries, plenty of whipped cream and not a drip of synthetic anything made everybody happy, most of all Moo and that’s what we were after.

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