Hair cuts

The other day we did this:


Ziz got her hair cut a few months ago. Since that time, Moo has been wishing for a hair cut whenever the thought occurred to her.

Because she wasn’t consistently vocal in her wishing I went ahead and ignored it all summer.

Then I got my hair cut and she started wishing a bit more fervently. Soon thereafter we had a particularly rousing fight over getting all that curly hair combed. Once we composed ourselves I asked her if she wanted her hair cut and she said yes she did. So I made the appointment.

 I showed her different options by folding her hair at different lengths. At one point she said she wanted it like mine and I had to distract her real quick before she caught hold of that idea and stuck with it.

For one thing, can you imagine all the work it would take to style bangs on a squirmy curly headed four year old? I can imagine it and my imagination tells me it ain’t pretty.

For two things, I am not a fan of my current length. Indeed, for me any thing longer than my jaw but shorter than my shoulder blades is hairstyle purgatory. Not that I find that range of length unattractive. Plenty of people look fantastic with medium length hair. The styling is what drives me crazy. Its simultaneously too long and too short for everything I like to do. This is why I currently wear a ponytail approximately 80% of the time. I’m getting close though, my hair is a bit past my shoulders now so soon I’ll be out of this awful phase.

 I’ve been super tempted to cut lately. First I saw pictures of Anne Hathaway’s new cut and I almost succumbed. On Saturday I read the delightful book Dotty and had to remind myself repeatedly that even if I got the short cut my hair still wouldn’t look like Ida’s as her’s is painted on, and really, I’ve come so far. To give up now would be a waste of these past 2 years in which I’ve suffered through the hated growing process.

So I endure.

When I need to, I give myself this little pep talk “The braids,” I say to myself “Think of the braids!” This is encouraging because I am a great braider and there are so many interesting braid variations happening right now.  I’m anxious to join in the braiding full force.  I can manage a few braided styles with my current length but I still can’t do everything I’d like to try.

So anyway, I glossed over the medium length options with Moo and focused on either getting just a trim, or going short like Ziz.  Her answer was that she wanted it like Enzo’s.  Then I nearly passed out at the thought of how cute she’d be with a pixie cut.  She stuck with that for about an hour and I was getting all kinds of excited about it. At this point I showed her our family picture on the wall and asked her whose hair she wanted it to look like, mine (Pixie) Zizza’s (bob) or her’s as a baby, Then she said she wanted it like Zizza’s and she stuck with that.

Incidentally, here are the before and after photos of Zizza’s recent cut that I never posted.


And now you’re up to date on the status of our hair styles.


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