long day

I got up this morning, sent Ziz and Enz off to school, dressed Moo and Duke, went for a run, came home and showered.  By then it was time to go pick up the kindergartners (early release day) so I did that, stopped for gas on the way home.  Brought an extra five year old home with me to stay for an hour while I whipped my kitchen into shape so I could make three batches of jam before feeding my kids a late lunch and starting on a peach pie because I pealed more peaches than I needed for my three batches of jam.  Is it any wonder that at two thirty as I tried to convince Duke that his waking up after only an hour and a half of sleep (he usually naps 3 hours) was a mistake I found myself snuggled up with him in the pack and play? It was really quite comfortable.

(I actually wrote that on Friday.  Today I made another 3 batches of jam plus one simmering pot of pear butter and managed it without finding myself cocooned in infant bedding of any kind.)

2 Responses to long day

  1. Have you ever tried mixing strawberry and peach jam? My kids actually like the half and half variety better than the straight stuff of either flavor. Hope it all turned out well.


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