It’s the time of year when toy catalogs begin to be delivered more and more frequently.  I have to sneak them into the recycle bin right away or the kids will get attached to them and we’ll be up to our ears in toy catalogs.  Actually, if I’m being totally honest, the immediate recycling of the catalogs is as much to keep myself away from them as the kids.  I love toys, at least I love the pretty heirloom quality toys featured in the catalogs I get.  I’ll leaf through them time and time again.   If I don’t watch it I’ll end up wading through stacks of them by the time December rolls around.

We got the first catalog of the season this week, American Girl.  Zizza is entranced.  She’s read every word in the entire thing.  She’s considered every accessory and contemplated every doll, making comments as to which would be best suited to each of her friends.  Then she chose the doll of her dreams and declared herself saving up for it.

She picked “McKenna”girl of the year for 2012 “She looks just like me mom! Plus, I love gymnastics and she has gymnastics stuff!” Then I pointed out that she could save up for an 18″ Madame Alexander doll like the one Moo got for Christmas last year.  They are nearly identical to American girls and she may have a chance of actually raising the amount of money one of them costs.  No, no, she told me those dolls won’t do as they don’t come with talents.  I then suggested that she make up the talent stuff  for her doll on her own.  The look she gave me made it clear she didn’t think that idea was any good.

So, Ziz has decided to save up $185.00 for the McKenna starter collection.  If she takes the initiative to actually start earning some money I will be glad to help her find ways to make progress toward her goal.  For the time being though, she’s counting on birthday money to make her dream come true.  I should probably remind her that she’s never banked anywhere near that amount in birthday cash before.   Sometimes being the parent means being the party pooper.  In the mean time, if you’re near by and have chores you’re willing to pay a seven (almost eight) year old to do let me know.  We’ll see just how serious the girl is about this doll buying business. 

p.s. My month of daily posting is up.  I’ll be taking weekends off now.      

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