School and fruit

Today I volunteered at school.  I got to hear Enzo answer a question about…Ok, I don’t remember what question he answered but it was a good one.  Then later I got to watch his teacher show everyone his math page as an example of how to properly show your work. Do you think she picks the kid whose mom is in the classroom on purpose?

In Zizza’s class I filed a mountain of math worksheets and I got to go with her to the library where she picked out which Nancy Drew she’ll check out next week.  She couldn’t check it out today because her current school library book is lost somewhere in the house. Wanna know where her home library book is?  Lost somewhere in the school.  Yeah, she left it in the hallway outside of specials yesterday.  Awesome right? She checked 3 different lost and founds today to no avail.

Today was also the pick up day for our big yearly fruit order.  The Mr picked it up bright and early this morning and I found it here waiting for me when I got home from school.  I shooed everybody into quiet time right away so I could get busy but I’ve discovered that I’m missing a few key ingredients for my jam.  I’ve never made jam before.  I’m not very preparred.  What this all means is that when the little folks wake up we’ve got to go to the store for juice (I’m going the sugar free route) and pectin and then tonight when I’d normally be posting I’ll be getting my jam on.

Wish us luck, me with the jam and Ziz with the book finding


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