My parents had a strict no ear piercing policy.  My mother said she didn’t want to be bothered with cleaning and twisting and infections.  I think my father thought earrings would make us susceptible to the wiles of the devil.  Neither of my parents ever signed a permission form for ear piercing.

At least one of my older sisters begged on multiple occasions but to no avail.  As the fifth daughter I accepted my earring-less fate.  I never even asked.  Truth be told I was never interested in ear piercing. I had more important battles to fight.  For example; short skirts.  I love me a short skirt.

Even after I turned 18 I didn’t bother with piercing my ears. My friends asked why and I told them I knew I’d never wear earrings and I preferred unscarred lobes to bare holes. 

 I struggle with accessories.  I like a good strong outfit that can stand on its own two feet.  Accessories are a burden, a hassle.  If I chance to wear them I strip them off the minute I get home so I can breathe.  For this reason my earlobes remained whole even after I had my navel pierced.

At the age of 25 I was accessorizing more than ever before.  I decided maybe I would wear earrings if I had the ability.  So I got my ears pierced.  Most of the time I wear bare holes exactly as I expected I would.

Eventually it came time to make a decision about my girl’s ears.  Here is my stance; I am not opposed to  childhood ear piercing as long as the child in question has put some thought into whether or not earrings are actually something she wants.  If she only wants the piercing because all her friends do, I don’t think that’s a good enough reason. If I put an age limit on it then It becomes a rite of passage. She’ll want it as a symbol of growing up, not because she likes earrings and what they’ll add to her wardrobe and personal style.  So the rule became, once she’s old enough to think things through and make decisions I’ll let her do it as soon as I’ve seen evidence that she has actually thought about it and decided that it’s something she’d like for herself.

Moo’s ears were pierced while she was away from me.  She didn’t get to make the decision.

Since Moo’s been back Ziz has vacillated between envy, indifference, and complete disinterest toward earrings.

Moo’s ears got really icky last December. It was not pretty. (“boy am I glad I don’t have pierced ears!” said Zizza) She hadn’t worn earrings again until yesterday.  I was actually wearing some (miracle) and she asked if she could wear some too.  I was pretty sure her ears had closed up as they healed from the horror in December but I told her we’d give it a try.  Surprise surprise, the earrings went right in.

Today Ziz wished aloud that she had some too.  We happened to be on the way to the mall at the time. The Mr and I had a brief conference and then I turned and asked her if she really wanted them.  If she did, I said, she could do it today as an early birthday present.

You might not think the spur of the moment offer is fitting with the stance I outlined above.  Here’s why it worked; She’s been weighing this decision for a year and a half now.  I knew she’d already put the thought into it.  I’ve told her in the past that she could do it as soon as she was sure about it. Her wish carried the weight of all of that.  

She spent the rest of the drive considering.  “I want to do it.” she told me when I rejoined the family after completing the return that took us to the mall in the first place.

She and I went to Claire’s alone.  I told the lady there why we’d come and as she showed us the selection of piercing studs I saw the look on Zizza’s face.  The one where she’s really excited but also nervous and she’s trying to play it cool.  She doesn’t want her smile to betray her but she can’t keep the corners of her lips neutral so she has to open her mouth to keep them in check.  I was looking forward to that look.  I was glad I didn’t miss it.


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