Carnivore day

Zizza’s class is studying Dinosaurs.  Last week they had herbivore day. Select students were asked to bring a plant based snack to share.  This week they’re having carnivore day.  Ziz has been asked to bring a snack fit for carnivores.

I wonder how the groups were selected. Was it a random drawing? Alphabetical?  Was it based on the dinosaur they’re doing their reports on?  Zizza is reporting on a carnivore so that would make sense.

So, meat.  Meat fit to send to school for second graders to enjoy.  The only meat Ziz really enjoys is a pork chop.  In fact, when she brought the paper about carnivore day home to me she suggested that I supply the class with a pork chop apiece.

What second grader wouldn’t like to nosh on a pork chop at 9:30 am?

The paper from her teacher suggested lunch meat, hot dogs or beef jerky.  I’ve been desperate to think of something better than any of those things.  I thought about meat balls.  I could make little one-inch meat balls and pack them in a thermos to keep warm.  That would be messy though, because meatballs need some kind of sauce (in my opinion) Also, Ziz doesn’t even like them.  Why would I go to the trouble to make mini meat balls and send them to school when my kid won’t even appreciate it?

I went to the store today.  Last chance for inspiration.  Carnivore day is tomorrow.  Hebrew nationals were on sale.

I’m making mini cornmeal muffins with a hot dog slice inside.  I know I know, corn bread breaks the rules but how many sliced up hot dogs do you think are going to offered in that buffet?  Besides if the assignments were based on the dinosaur each child is reporting about I’ll have you know that Troodon is believed by many to have been an omnivore.  So put that in your pocket and take it home to your mom.

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