Sometimes titles are a major drag

I was all prepared to tell you about Duke’s recent head injury this evening.  That is to say I had one good descriptive sentence and a photo from which I had hoped to build a post.  Sadly, I’m having technical difficulties in regards to uploading the photo and I don’t think the one sentence will pull me through on it’s own.

Complaining about the dilemma, now there’s a post!

Today I delivered a lecture on recipe reading to a group of eight and nine year old girls.  I caused one of them to gasp and stutter in horror as I poured vanilla, unhampered by measuring implements of any kind into our burgeoning batter.

It would seem that the girl’s grandmother and previous baking instructor is one for precise measurements.  Sorry grandma, hopefully I haven’t ruined your your pupil with my wild disregard for the written recipe.  I think she’s probably safe since the brownies didn’t turn out that good. If they’d been awesome she may have thought I was on to something and follow my lead.

I also introduced the girls to the wonderful world of Chinese jump rope. I can still jump kneesies provided the knees holding the rope belong to those well within the 4 foot range.

Did you play Chinese jump rope when you were a kid? Is it even actually Chinese? I remember trying desperately to figure out a way to play by myself with the rope suspended between 2 chairs. (it didn’t work)       


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