A snuggling miracle


On Thursday morning I was snuggling Moo when Duke came over and maneuvered his way on to my lap. He didn’t try to push her off, she didn’t try to push him off, they both sweetly snuggled me and by extension each other.

 Very carefully and without moving I whispered to the Mr. “Can you get the camera?” Any movement in the room had to be carried out with utmost finesse so as not to disturb the miracle that is siblings aged one and three snuggling one another.

Moo’s birthday is coming up.  The Mr asked her what she wished for a present and she said “another baby,” Follow up questions revealed that she did not mean a baby doll.

 That was a few weeks ago.  We laughed, said “Oh how sweet,” thanked out lucky stars that her request is going unfulfilled for the time being and moved on.

Tonight when I tucked her in I reminded her again that her birthday is coming right up and she squealed with the joy of anticipation “and then we’ll get a new baby!”  This time I made sure I told her directly that there will be no new baby on her birthday.  We don’t want her fourth birthday to reek of dashed dreams. That can wait until she turns 15  (A staggering percentage of my friends had dismal 15th birthdays.  It might be inherent to turning 15)

I guess she just likes babies that much.  Enough to share my lap with the one she’s got and wish for another.  I had no idea.



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