Man, I’m out of shape.  I did this dress marathon style.  The bride has been steadily losing weight so we put off work on the dress until the last minute.  I did nearly all the work in one sitting this afternoon. My sewing leg is tired and achy.  How sad is that?  There was one summer where I sat at a machine working 12 hours a day, six days a week. My sewing leg never got tired then. I suppose it all comes down to conditioning.

On the sick Zizza front; she has an ear infection and probable strep.  Fun times.  She was up every half hour last night itching. She had hives, see?  So we spent all night chasing the hives around her body.  We’d treat one, get a few minutes sleep and then she’d be up with a new patch somewhere else.  Right leg, left shoulder, tummy, tummy, left foot, face. On and on all night.  I think I must be desensitized to the smell of the essential oil we were using because we went through enough to steep the whole house and yet I can’t smell a thing right now.  

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