Conflict in pink

Remember 2 years ago when my neighbor gave me a piano and I decided to paint it pink? Yeah I haven’t done that yet. Just as soon as it’s not death outside I’m going to drag that piano out to the garage and get painting.  In the mean time; my sofa.

It is old.  It is ugly. It’s a good quality piece that’s in very nice shape once you get past the torn dingy slip cover and the awful upholstery underneath.
I want to reupholster it in a nice soft velvet.  I’ve even found an upholstery service (done by inmates) But I can’t decide on a color.  Ok, the actual problem is the only color I can decide on is pink but if both the piano and the sofa are pink then neither of them will have the wow factor they’re entitled to as a large pink piece of furniture. 
On one hand, we’ll move at some point and then I can just put the two in different rooms.  Problem solved. On the other hand, I don’t have any idea when this hypothetical move will take place and it the mean time that’s a whole lotta pink in one small-ish room.  
You may ask “Where’s your husband in all of this? How does he feel about all this pink being thrown around?” I’ll just say this.  He’s man enough for a pink sofa. 
Actually I had a few colors I was considering and for me it came down to fuchsia or chartreuse.  He landed firmly on the fuchsia side of that equation. See, I had a little run in involving green and our bedroom walls.  It didn’t go well.  He’s now supremely wary of green in any form.  I suppose I could try and sell the chartreuse as yellow.  It’s really a pretty even game between green and yellow, chartreuse is.
Here’s a funny story about Chartreuse.  Ok, maybe it’s not funny but it’s a story.  
I was at my friend’s house watching “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” her siblings and cousins were there too.  The question was “Chartreuse is A)purple, B)green, C)orange, D)blue,” and I was like “B,B!” The contestant was floundering I think he used up 2 life lines on the question.  You know how it’s really aggravating when you know the answer and the contestant is sitting there going “Hmmm, maybe I’ll ask the audience,” Anyway in addition to this my friend’s cousin is arguing with me “No, no he should guess A, anytime you don’t know what a color is just guess purple.” and I was telling him “Sure if you’re a dumb boy who doesn’t know his colors that could be a good rule of thumb, but I am not a dumb boy and I am not guessing. Chartreuse is a shade of green. You will see that I am right.”  Then the contestant made his guess (I don’t remember what he guessed) and Meredith confirmed that I was right and I was like “IN YO FACE!” and cousin boy was like “wha? you knew that?” he apparently hadn’t listened to my argument at all he’d been too busy declaring his confidence in all obscure color names=purple.
Anyway, back to the problem at hand.  Pink sofa, pink piano what do I do?  I think it’s a hard question because for the majority of the population either would be too much pink.  Lucky for me I’m not the majority of the population.

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