A chance of showers

Yesterday Zizza was sure it was going to be nice out.  She argued against The Mr and me up until she left for school.  She may have argued with him even after that as he drove her there.

“It’s cloudy,” she kept saying, “it will be a cool rainy day!”  Yes, cloudy it was, but in Arizona’s August cloudy does not equal cool.  It’s a nice change, not so glaring, but really not much better. That searing feeling that tightens your skin as you step out on an average day is lessened but it’s exchanged for stifling oppression as the sun hide’s it’s face above.

Try as we did, we could not convince our daughter of this.

Later in the morning I went out to bring the trash can in from the curb.  The Garage was hardly bearable as per usual but once I stepped out…I was amazed.  It was nice.  As far as I know this has never happened before.  I immediately regretted that Thursday is not a running day.  If it weren’t for the fact that I was already dressed and about my business I would have declared it a running Thursday.  As it was, I hurried in and checked the temperature so I’d have the facts to share in this post. It was only 82.

Running errands, all the ins and outs of the car were a pleasure.  I even made unnecessary stops.

Ziz has not let me forget that I was wrong.  “It only got up to 96!” she told me almost first thing as I picked her up from school. She’s reminded me of it again and again since.  That child has mentioned the number 96 more in the past day and a half than in all her previous life, but you know?  I don’t mind.  I was pleased to be wrong.  The best part is, it was cool again this morning and Friday is a running day.


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