Baby hairs

Not the hair of a baby, but baby hairs.

The little wispy ones around your hairline.  Are they called baby hairs because they’re baby, hairs, because they’re similar to the hair of a baby or because they’re often a result of child bearing?

Ok, let’s back up.  After I had Ziz I noticed my hair falling out at an increased rate.  I was not worried because I’d read that I should expect as much.  My study informed me that during pregnancy increased blood volume means extra blood flow to the scalp which translates to that folkloric pregnancy hair.

I think the blood volume thing is also responsible for the stronger nails and extra snot. (It’s true.  a runny nose is a symptom of pregnancy because those mucus membranes are benefiting from the extra blood volume as well) Anyway, what I read told me that a month or so postpartum my hair was likely to start falling out but I shouldn’t be alarmed because it was just my body normalizing. All the extra hair from my pregnant scalp was dropping out because my non-pregnant scalp couldn’t maintain it.  This was cold comfort when I discovered parking spaces in my hairline.

In a panic, I called my sister “My hair is falling out!” I fretted, “oh, that’s normal,” she assured me.  “Yeah, but I have BALD SPOTS!” “Oh,” she said “Oh, dear”  Apparently she didn’t have the postpartum baldness issue.

I told my still single bestie about my problem and she was horrified.  “Why don’t they tell us these things?” she demanded. She did a fantastic job of commiserating with me over my baldness. In return I gave her the knowledge that after she has babies she’s likely to undergo some temporary balding along the hairline. She will not be caught off guard as I was.

To deal with the patchiness I cut bangs.  The bangs hid the bald spots and then helped to blend the regrowth with the rest of my hair which was quite long at the time.

Enzo was born and my hair was even longer, about waist-length I believe.  A few months later with the thought of bald patches and summer heat leering over me I had my hair chopped into a spikey pixie cut.  I hardly noticed the baldness amid the spikes.

When Moo was born my hair remained as thick as ever.  Having a baby without ever being pregnant really is a pleasure.

This time the baldness happened, the regrowth happened and I managed to deal with it for a good 15 months without the use of scissors.

At the beginning of the summer  I noticed the baby hairs getting out of control but who want’s to cut bangs at the onset of summer?  Not me, that’s who.

A few weeks ago I looked in the mirror and observed that Duke and I had matching wings on the sides of our faces. The main difference was, Duke and his wings looked adorable, Like this;


My wings and I looked…less so. I didn’t take photos of my wings. You’ll just have to take my word for it that it was not a good look for me.  A look that meant I couldn’t afford to wait for the heat of summer to pass before I took action. 

I had a hair appointment today. I cut bangs. And when I say bangs I mean  Bangs with a capitol BANG! Anyway, Duke really liked the new bangs and it’s a good thing since they’re his fault and all.

I wanted to show you my new do so I just went through, literally minutes  of work to add a photo from my phone to this post.  Once it was all done I looked at it and decided it was no good.  Sorry you’ll have to wait to see my new BANGs until tomorrow when I take a new photo.


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