Where are your shoes?

I noticed something this afternoon. Enzo’s school shoes were put away in his closet.  I hadn’t asked him to put them there, that’s just where he put them when he took them off after school.  I thought about it a little more and remembered being surprised to see them there on more than one previous afternoon.  When I really thought about it I realized that he puts his shoes away everyday when he gets home.

You know what else he does?  Unloads his lunch box and puts it in it’s place in the pantry.  During the first week of school I asked both kids to do that every day.  I walked him through it a time or two but now he pretty much just does it.

Zizza on the other hand would prefer to keep all of her shoes in a pile inside the door.  I ask her to take care of her lunch box and she gets it out of her back pack.  I ask her again and she sets it on the table. I ask her again and she says “oh, yeah” and brings it to the counter.  When I ask her again, she huffs and does it right because by that time I am huffy too and I stand there and make sure it gets done.

Different children have different strengths.

Also, Ziz is a product of the past two years during which I faithfully packed and unpacked all her school stuff everyday.  I can’t abide an untidy backpack.  Not that you’d know that by looking around my untidy house but its true.

I really wish this story was leading somewhere but it’s not.  All I really had to say was “Hey, my son has somewhat of a natural tendency toward tidiness! Who knew?”  And now I’ve said that.  Twice.  

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