Ziz has been assigned a report on Troodon.  She and I found most of the info she needed in about 5 minutes with the help of our good friend Google.  There were a few things though that took a bit more digging.  I did that digging today.  Now I just have to sit her in front of the pertinent articles and see if she can glean the needed info.

One thing I learned in my studies is that there’s a scientist who did all sorts of research and concluded that if not for the K-T extinction event Troodon may have evolved into this guy

All I have to say about that is thank heaven for that meteorite cuz that dude is creepy.

Anyway, Ziz and I will soon be constructing a terrarium mimicking the habitat of the Troodon.  What do you suppose Montana looked like 65 million years ago?

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